My Valentine’s Boyfriend

Miguel and Me!


This is a picture of Miguel and me at the Valentine’s Date Dance for the Institute. Isn’t he dreamy?! The following is a card he gave me on Valentine’s Day. To say the least, I am in love!

Nuestro Amor Es Una Bendicion

No sabes como Le pedi a Dios que me enviara a alguien especial…

Alguien a quien amar con todo el corazon,

Alguien que llenara mis dias de alegria…

Y El me bendijo con tu amor.

Por eso no me canso de dar gracias por todo lo que hemos compartido…

Y todo lo que esta por venir.

Te amo.

Feliz Dia de San Valentin



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A Song for Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone is enjoying Valentine’s Day as much as I am. This Cat came in time into my life and has made me the happiest I have ever been in a long time. If you are single or not regardless Ihope you know that you are loved by your family, friends, and dear ones.

Loves too all!

I’m thankful for…

…a year of many lessons.

…my old roommate who taught me to over come some hard trials and have faith.

…my old roommate who tried hard not to give up on me, even when things didn’t go according to plan.

…my sister always giving me fashion tips

…my E.M. who I can always count on no matter what. She is there every moment I cry, am hurt, feel¬†vulnerable, need advice, need encouragement, and need to talk some sense into me. ūüôā

…the love of my extended family and friends.

…the many wonderful examples I am given on a daily basis.

…the Whites who show me unconditional love.

…technology for the means of easier communication.

…surviving my first semester back in school after 4-5 years.

…finally having medical insurance!

…all my Institute teachers! I have learned a lot from them this semester, thank you Sis. Terry, Bro. Durfey, Bro. Bartholomew, Bro. Sackett, and all those who participated in Friday¬†devotionals.

…my Heavenly Father sending me angels to guide me and protect me.

…my Savior, Jesus Christ who gave his life for me, an imperfect woman who is trying to make it home.

…the ability to go to school thanks to the wonderful living situation I’ve been given.

…long term friends that I have been able to reconnect with and for new friends I have made this year.

…the¬†generosity of a friend who is making my Christmas trip easy.

…the love I feel on a daily basis.

…the gospel of Jesus Christ being restored and for saving my life.

…and last but not least all the other things that I cannot mention right now for the lack of memory power I have, this to I am thankful for.

I’m sure there is much more and this is not the last of it…

Birthday L-o-v-e!

Yesterday was my birthday-man do I feel old but so alive! I got this amazing birthday jam vid from one of my dearest best mish comps ever! I love this-I didn’t even know something like this was even on You tube! Hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I have! Hermana Luther I love you tons Sis!