Heber needs…

A quiet small town such as this one (Heber City) it is important for my sanity of my taste bugs to have the following yummy places…

  1. Jamba Juice
  2. Cafe Rio or Costa Vida
  3. Panda Express

And a bonus whole foods market of Trader Joe’s. Is that to much to ask for? I mean come on they build a Walmart here so why not these other fabulous places? Its a small town, yes I know and maybe the reason they don’t build these places here is because there is mainly old folks here and not enough of a college pit of crazy students but then again, there is a Wasatch UVU campus here. So if they have a campus here what’s the harm of bringing these yummy places here? I love the fact that Heber is a small town and very peaceful but variety is needed. I’m just saying…Oh and not to mention they need a Sprint Cell tower here! I have close to no reception at all. It’s driving me bananas! I pay my taxes and obey the law why can’t I have at least that? Heber City Council, you should re-evaluate your town and please your residents. These words are of a pregnant woman, do not take it lightly. G’night my small town.


I’m thankful for…

…a year of many lessons.

…my old roommate who taught me to over come some hard trials and have faith.

…my old roommate who tried hard not to give up on me, even when things didn’t go according to plan.

…my sister always giving me fashion tips

…my E.M. who I can always count on no matter what. She is there every moment I cry, am hurt, feel¬†vulnerable, need advice, need encouragement, and need to talk some sense into me. ūüôā

…the love of my extended family and friends.

…the many wonderful examples I am given on a daily basis.

…the Whites who show me unconditional love.

…technology for the means of easier communication.

…surviving my first semester back in school after 4-5 years.

…finally having medical insurance!

…all my Institute teachers! I have learned a lot from them this semester, thank you Sis. Terry, Bro. Durfey, Bro. Bartholomew, Bro. Sackett, and all those who participated in Friday¬†devotionals.

…my Heavenly Father sending me angels to guide me and protect me.

…my Savior, Jesus Christ who gave his life for me, an imperfect woman who is trying to make it home.

…the ability to go to school thanks to the wonderful living situation I’ve been given.

…long term friends that I have been able to reconnect with and for new friends I have made this year.

…the¬†generosity of a friend who is making my Christmas trip easy.

…the love I feel on a daily basis.

…the gospel of Jesus Christ being restored and for saving my life.

…and last but not least all the other things that I cannot mention right now for the lack of memory power I have, this to I am thankful for.

I’m sure there is much more and this is not the last of it…

Birthday L-o-v-e!

Yesterday was my birthday-man do I feel old but so alive! I got this amazing birthday jam vid from one of my dearest best mish comps ever! I love this-I didn’t even know something like this was even on You tube! Hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I have! Hermana Luther I love you tons Sis!

Long time friends…

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in over a month but I am still trying to situate myself in my new surroundings. In my absence I am surprise that people have checked my blog and for some reason today is sky rocket! Thanks folks. As soon as I get my thoughts together and clear some “concerns” I promise to be better with my blogging. I miss telling my stories and viewing comments…oh and I also haven’t been able to read blogs since my adventured ideas. Lets keep in more contact friends. Be back soon…

Short and sweet

I had to answer these questions a few minutes ago and this is what I came up with:

About me:

I’m Brown and I love it!

Well I can tell you everything you need to know about my past in 3-4 hours. My past is what has made me the person who I am today. To understand me is to understand my past or visa versa. Every life is precious “every soul is precious/great in the sight of God” give or take…I’ve never been good at per-phrasing.

I will tell you where I stand in life: 1st-I will never deny my religion. 2nd-I tell it like it is, if you can’t handle the trust that’s your problem. 3rd-the words “family and home” are very sacred to me and family is very important to me, due to my case in life I make my family with those I care about the most. 4th-when I get mad, just give me my space and I will come back to earth. 5th-I will not make a promise I cannot keep, I hate broken promises. If you give me your word, believe me I will hold you to it so help me…6th-I love to be happy and help my friends and family any way I can. I am huge on service, don’t know why but I am.

Who I’d like to meet:

I cannot say I rather meet you vs my next door neighbor. Every person can learn or be taught something new or a lesson by anyone. Whom am I to say your better or worst. I am nothing but flesh and blood, I am a person with feelings just like you are, I am fragile as I am strong, I am serious as I am funny, I am a human being as you are, I am God’s creation. Whom ever you are I would like to be your friend.

Box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get -Forest Gump

This morning I woke up and off I went to my appointment at UVU for financial aid. As I was walking up there I couldn’t help but look around and just get all excited! I realized this is now my campus too, I smiled a smile so big people probably thought I’m some sort of freak. To that I said, back off I own this campus now! This is my town, this is my campus, this is my school, this is my life, this is my desire, I dare you to stop me if you can. Fair warning: I love to get physical. I even felt more pumped up when the lady I met with that has been helping me throughout this whole processed tole me that I qualified for financial aid and would be able to go up to a pretty good number…just made my day better. I am way excited for school and the social life it brings. Just goes to show that every waking day something new or different will happen, life is like a box of chocolates, never know what your gonna get.


Reading between the lines

What good has come during these recent events?

-Near Year: Setting new goals and challenges

-Training new people: Patience, team work, trust

-Relationships: Improving and fixing those I messed up due to some unpleasant work circumstances

-Concept: Understanding and¬†acknowledging the fact that I can’t control things, I have to let it go and put it all on my Heavenly Father’s shoulders, trusting him to take care of the battles I am losing, asking for help…this list goes on and on…

-I got laid off AGAIN: Relieved of all the crap I was dealing with and bringing it home, happy that I no longer have to supervise people that don’t care how the work is done. (more to come on this)

-A weekend with my family: The best getaway I could have ever asked right at the moment it was meant to help me out. A full weekend of relaxation and fun. (more to come on this)

-New friends: I love meeting new people, its fun and relaxing.

What can I say…its a dumpy world out there but I’m not giving up yet. I’ve have learned a lot these last couple of months and I won’t let it go to waste. Let’s rock and roll!



Today as of 3pm (that’s the time we had Break the Fast) I decided to give Fast Sunday a new name. It will now be known as “Stock Up Sunday,” at least in my book it will be that way. You are probably wondering how I came to this conclusion, well I am happy to explain…

…A long time ago, NOT! Haha, I had to put that on there…ok really now…

Every Fast Sunday it becomes a battle of the hungry and since ladies are first that doesn’t mean their nice about it. I walk in, scan the room for the¬†competition¬†to beat, and take my rightful place as head of the line. As long as I am within the first 5 people to eat its ok by me. I basically starve myself every Sunday and since to me its a battle ground of “survival of the hungry” I make sure I guard my place with a fork and a spoon! Since I am some what of a picky eater I eat what I want but in small portion (sometimes) and then wait for the whole entire line to finish so I can go for seconds. By doing so the world magically is at peace. After, all bellies have been feed and quenched…all the peeps go home and take a long much need nap after a battle of hunger.

My other reason why I call it this is because we fast all day until dinner time, therefore its logical that we “stock up” on food to last us until the next morning. So by eating two servings I mostly guarantee this to be truth. I won’t lie, when it comes to food I’m a¬†beastly¬†thing. Let us remember this new title in honor of our bellies, dear belly I salute you!