Auto Car Care…

When I opened my mail a few days ago I got this poem from my car guys. I couldn’t help laughing so hard and yes its a bit corky but who cares…its nice and sweet.

Dear Roxy,

When I think about the time we met,

My RPMs red line.

Your hands upon my steering wheel,

My belt securing your seat to mine.

But the honeymoon is unfortunately over,

Our relationship is starting to sputter.

But just take me in for some schedule maintenance,

And my pistons will once again flutter.

Now what can I say, you still drive me wild,

help me do the same for you my love.

A Firestone Complete Auto Care technician could surely save us,

Like a wrench wielding angel from above.


Back flash…

…to high school emotions. I have been feeling like this, well almost completely like this for a while and this is not exactly how I should be feeling right now. At least I do recognize that its not as bad as it was back in high school but to feel like this and just ignore it would be a stupid move on my behalf. I don’t know what is going on with me…it could be my job or plain and simple as life. But I am angry inside and I am looking for a fight cuz that’s all I know what to do. I fight to bleed. But at least I’m not stupid enough to kill someone-I know every life is precious to God. One thing that I have notice is that I am dealing with this in a total different matter. Don’t dare and ask me what up cuz its none of your business. I have a lot of stuff within my heart that I am trying very hard to suppress cuz apparently I have to control my feelings and learn this lesson what ever it is suppose to be…if you do ask me what’s up…I will tell you I am great or good or even fine…somethings are just meant for those in my heart. Also as a side note I have been more quiet than before which was pointed out by my friend sometime last week. For a while even  music had no effect on me…….I am my own two face person, I am my own enemy.




Today I had it!

I had enough!

I can’t stand it anymore!

I am through with everything

Finish, done

No more

Its over!!!

All my life I’ve been abandon

Why is that?

Is it because I am a teenage Brat

That nobody wants to rise or help or even give

A warm meal to

Or is it because nobody likes me at all

Or even wants me around

I guess not

I guess that’s life – isn’t it

It’s been all down hill

This keeps me from doing all the things I want to do

Some people think if you just see someone

It means they’re okay

But are they really okay

They don’t know something is going on

Or is something wrong in their lives

Every other day I am abandon

By family members and some stupid friends

It hurts a lot more than anything else

Do they think I’ll be okay the next day

I don’t think so!!!

It doesn’t work that way

Don’t you get it people

I am hurt mentally, physically, and spiritually

I hurt so much that I think my mother beat

Me up to die

I feel like the lord himself threw lighting at me

Time after time after time

Just to proof a point that I’m stupid

I feel so lite headed because of all the blood

Coming out of my nose and mouth

I think I should’ve killed myself by now

What is a friend?

To me a friend should be a person that stays

By your side to the end

I guess I don’t have one

Don’t you understand

I am hurt badly from the bottom of my heart

I can’t take it anymore

Its over!!!

Its over!!!


Written: Jan. 26, 2001

By Me

Quote Wall and Poetry

Ok so I decided to remove these two pages and put them as a regular post instead. There is going to be many on each so if you ever want to find then all you got to do is do a search for either Poetry or Quote wall. Personally I think this will be better in the long run. Happy hunting!