Soon to come…

I must apologize for not keeping up with my 2 month monthly quotes…I got side tracked by the world and all the many events of life. One of my goals this year is to pick that up again PLUS I’ve decided to add something new!

Considering the fact that I have no baby or youth pictures ( I think I only have from Junior High School and up) I will start what I think will be the most amazing posts, well I soon hope it will be. It will be entitled “Picture of the Day”… I want to do this because life is funny and people are┬áridiculous. It would just be another way to have some laughs with friends. The pictures will not always be funny…it can be serious, funny, speechless, weird, dull, sharp, or “Roxy, really, what were you thinking.” Feel free to comment away as you so wish but please be polite for my soul’s sake. Let the hunt begin!