My 19th church birthday!

Hello friends! Its been a long time!

Going the Distance…

Today is my 19th birthday being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its been a long road yet successful and blessed. I have always said that I owe my life to the help and guidance of certain “angels” in my life and also the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would not be here if it wasn’t for them or for the mercy of my Heavenly Father above.

These are some of my accomplish in the past 19 years…

  1. Won a Bronze Medal for the Los Angeles Region Occupational Program
  2. Certified in Wood Products Manufacturing for about 2 years
  3. Graduated high school with two medals (Bronze Medal of LAROP and Construction Academy Award)
  4. Survived a lot of hard times in my family (including raising myself for the most part)
  5. Did 6 months in Military Explores
  6. Attended  some college in California
  7. Did about a year and half of Women’s Self Defense class in College
  8. Served a mission in Minnesota, Minneapolis (Spanish)
  9. Regained my Spanish language and keeping it this time
  10. Did 6 months of Kung Fu/Karate (Purple Belt)
  11. Graduated from Institute of Religion (in 2 semesters)
  12. Got married in August 2011
  13. Got pregnant on the last day of our honeymoon ūüôā
  14. Currently 5 months pregnant, we are having a girl! (4 more months to go)
  15. First time Auntie to some good kids
  16. First time back in a Spanish Branch in a long time.

In short, I have been able to “go the distance” but I did not do it alone. The Lord sent me “angels” and guidance to help me along the way. Here’s a fav song that has always encouraged me…ENJOY!


A Song for Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone is enjoying Valentine’s Day as much as I am. This Cat came in time into my life and has made me the happiest I have ever been in a long time. If you are single or not regardless Ihope you know that you are loved by your family, friends, and dear ones.

Loves too all!

Birthday L-o-v-e!

Yesterday was my birthday-man do I feel old but so alive! I got this amazing birthday jam vid from one of my dearest best mish comps ever! I love this-I didn’t even know something like this was even on You tube! Hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I have! Hermana Luther I love you tons Sis!

Icecream with Vanilla Ice

Last night I had dinner with part of my family and while we got some ice cream the topic of Vanilla Ice¬†came up. Somethings about a concert…well Eric was sing ALL the words to Ice Ice Baby.¬† It was the funniest thing I ever saw. I never knew that a professional looking guy like him would know all the words to this song, enjoy. Oh and this is my first time ever watching the music video. ūüôā

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Amazing Grace by Leann Rimes

One day during my mission while tracking my mission comp and I started singing songs. I didn’t know the words to Amazing¬† Grace but she knew them and taught me the first line. It so happen that we hit a street that was a dead end and as we continued down the street snow piles were everywhere and and it was like a big wall of 5¬†tall deep¬†it¬†outline the street…so when I made her sing it out loud. Holy cow! The echo with her voice was amazing!!! I love it so much that I would even bug her to sing it to me before sleeping some nights. And now I miss her and its not the same but this song still comforts me and inspires me to live! Hope you enjoy it!