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Here is Mr. Mikey aka "Speedy Gonzales"

Holy Hannah! I cannot begin to tell you how good I’ve been feeling lately. Meeting new people, flirting with men once again, WORKING OUT, playing with animals, etc…life is good my friends! Today’s post I dedicate to a dog named Mikey. Mikey is a fun, super excited, energetic, loves attention, and will follow you around like no other type of dog. But wait! He is not the only one in this story, Molly is also involved. These two dogs are not mind but I’ve been given permission to play with them and so on…so I do on my days off. They are really fun to wrestle with and great protectors too.

Instead of taking both dogs out for a walk, I decided to only take Molly because she is a bit older and can’t handle very long walks. Out of the two Molly is my favorite, even though Mikey sleeps at my feet and under my bed sheets. Pups go figure…

As I returned home I opened the gate to let Molly in but Mikey was waiting there and I didn’t hear him so as I opened the door he took off running like no bodies business.  I shut the door and off I go after Mikey. The chase is on people! After 5 blocks and almost getting run over 3 times in a busy intersection I run back for my car and my heart is raising because I know every second he is out of my sight little Mikey can run farther and farther from home. I jump in my car and take off in pursuit of this tiny dog that can get hit by a car if no one is watching the roads carefully.

I failed! I searched and searched but nothing…came home to a note on my door saying “We found your dog, you can pick him up at this address” relief consumed me and I jumped back in my car and drove as after as I could. When I saw him I put his collar on and put him into my car for the ride home. Now I’ve never had a dog in my car before, lucky for me Mikey was tired from all that running and he didn’t drool all over my back seat and windows.

If there is one good thing out of this that would be that I am grateful that I’ve been working out lately, getting back into shape, feeling good, getting my strength back, etc…if it wasn’t for the fact of me being committed to working out with the P90x program I wouldn’t have almost had Mikey. I kept up with him for those 5 blocks until the cars almost hit me. I’m just glad Mikey is home now and safe in one piece.

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During the Christmas Holiday a bunch of us from work who are my really cool friends went and saw “Avatar” at the IMAX theater in 3D. Let me just saw that it was flippin’ awesome! I loved it and I would see it again. Caution: If you read this and haven’t seen Avatar, its not my fault…I will be talking about it.

Ok so during the movie the main character had to gain the trust of the village people and be one of them. As he learned their ways he experienced many things, ie: the meaning of love, care for people he never had before, learned how to conquer his fear of a strange new place or I should probably say that he explored a whole new world. Fast forward…at the end of his training/graduation there was a ceremony where he became one of them…joined a family he never had before. But not just any family it was a whole new kind of definition…at least the way I interpret the movie it was to me. They brought him the the center of the clan and as the Father and the Mother accepted him they put their hand on his shoulder and the rest of the clan followed suit. As the camera paned out you could see him in the very dead center of everyone and the whole entire clan had their arm on the person in front of them which ultimately lead to the center. Quite an amazing ceremony…he got a bigger reward than he ever expected. A family much more than he ever had.

I’m not going to lie, when I saw this I cried and it was so my wish to have a family just like that. To be in the center of a circle where everyone accepts you for who you were and called you as his/her brother or sister is a feeling that I cherish the most in my heart above all…family comes first. Since my direct family is so messed up, I make my own family. Thankfully thought I still have my direct sister whom I love dearly. And over the years my family has increased so much right before my very own eyes sometimes I have a hard time seeing that due to my childhood. But I’ve got some news for you…I’ve got a bigger family now than when I started here on earth at birth and quite frankly I couldn’t have asked for a better family!

Now here’s my dream:

About two nights ago I was thinking about the future and settling down. Can you believe it me, a party animal settle down…if you ask me that’s a bit fishy! jk, no really I’m serious about it. Any who that night I dreamed about my husband and my children. It was such an amazing dream I love it so much I wished it was real. It was a simple dream, nothing fancy…just something sweet for the future to look forward to.

It took place in my back yard of my big house. (So far so good) My husband (to be) was playing with my (future) son throwing around the football. I was with my beautiful (future 3) girls on the swings, playing and laughing and smiling. As I looked around there was a picnic blanket with food not to far away and I could just feel the love. The love of my very own family that I created with my gorgeous handsome husband. The love that I felt from each of them was extraordinary! I was a mom to 4 kids and a wife to a husband who adore me, it felt good.

I woke up and I smiled. That’s basically set my entire day. I wasn’t sad or disappointed when I woke up to nothing…I had hope and love and compassion, and DESIRE that I will do what it takes to make that happen. I want that and I’ve considered to settle down and get serious about life but still have fun in a way where I can be that fun mom and amazing wife to my future family.

Am I ready to be a mom or a wife? I don’t know but I do know that there is only one way to find out…let’s go fishing!

Yesterday’s events

What a day for a good hard work out! I started by going hiking in a place that I have yet to reach the top. Followed by some biking at a near empty parking lot (I’m still too chicken to go bike with on going/coming traffic). Went home and worked on my kitchen window, I put up a red/burgundy curtain that my roommate had bough eons ago and finally its now mounted to the window. I love doing that sort of stuff! Hardly felt tired after that and the Sun was getting a bit more hotter I decided to go running. Can you believe it??? Me, running with my bad knees…oh but I love it so. I mean c’mon I did Cross Country and Track in high school. It’s a part of me, plus it always feels good. Well after that run I didn’t feel exhausted so I took off again to a different route to run. Finally when I got back I crashed in my front lawn. Now I was extremely tired.

After I got clean, made myself smell decent again and a few hours later…I found myself dancing all night long at my roommate’s birthday dance party. We had a great DJ, therefore had great music, a crowed house, lots of laughter and fun…now I am sore and some how while I was fixing the window I busted the side of my heel. Ouch! And stupid me I decide to dance on that foot regardless. Well like I always say no pain no gain. 🙂

A Good St. Patty’s Day

This year today, when I woke up I didn’t even realize it is St. Patrick’s Day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! If I had to sum up today’s feelings in a few words, I would say…this has been a relaxing fun in the Sun day. And for what ever reason, my heart is full of or increasing love is taking place and what more can a human being ask for but the love of family, friends, and love ones.

As noon crept into my room this morning, I opened my eyes to see the glorious light of the sun spray its beauty across my room. With such a warm joyful day I decided to read outside on my front lawn of my little cute house. I don’t know if you felt what I felt today, but there is such comfort being in the Sun after a cold winter. I guess the warmth of the Sun penetrates most feelings of discomfort. To which I am thankful for. While reading I felt the back of my legs get really warm to the point where I almost fell asleep. To my demised I continued to read and was feeling so restless that I started thinking that being on my starving, low budget diet…all my clothes-well pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts are falling of my hips. My point is that I can say: Dang I look good! 🙂 My body shape has been slimming down that I could probably fit another person in my jeans. LOL…isn’t life great! I love the Sun, and I especially love moments as reading in the sun or being outdoors like yesterday where I went hiking and biking. In short, enjoy the sun.

Quack in the kitchen

Ever since last Friday things have been a blur. But one thing sure made me laugh and that was a great sign of relief. I was in the kitchen taking care of business when all of a sudden I hear the door open and I thought it was Kj…little did I know. I turned quickly when I heard a quack from the door way. I laugh really hard and Danielle came to the kitchen right away. That thing was walking towards me. I stomp and made it retreat to the corner of the back door.

While we looked at it picking it self.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There was literally a live duck in my kitchen! I should have killed it and made some soup, after all I was hungry. Well after a while Danielle went out the front door around to the back of the how and opened the back door. During that time that dumb duck got brave on me and started chasing me. I’m shameful to say that I got scared and jumped on the kitchen table. I wished I had my bat in my hand so I can chase it away from me.

Finally I got the nerves to force it back to the door. Danielle hold the door open while I chased it outside of the house. But I didn’t stop there, of course not…I chased it down the block away from my house and applewood. Then I stood outside for a bit just in case it decided to come back.  The mess it left was disgusting, it peeped three times and farted too. You can see some pictures on my facebook profile. Even tho it was just for that moment, I’m glad I laughed.


Tonight I heard somethings at home that I think were meant for me to hear. Its amazing how different people even friends of friends or stranges can say something that is only meant for your ears only. Even if it was in a general conversation, those words were spoken directly without the messanger knowing it. Thank you to those that spoke words tonight it was enlighting. I assume there will be many more words to come and many more visit to get to know one another. There were actually two quotes that got my attension tonight but I forgot to write down the second one. “I only love life because it’s difficult”-PrincEarly. If life was easy, where would the learning process be? Music is a great way to uplift people and I look forward to Monday’s adventure…