Heber needs…

A quiet small town such as this one (Heber City) it is important for my sanity of my taste bugs to have the following yummy places…

  1. Jamba Juice
  2. Cafe Rio or Costa Vida
  3. Panda Express

And a bonus whole foods market of Trader Joe’s. Is that to much to ask for? I mean come on they build a Walmart here so why not these other fabulous places? Its a small town, yes I know and maybe the reason they don’t build these places here is because there is mainly old folks here and not enough of a college pit of crazy students but then again, there is a Wasatch UVU campus here. So if they have a campus here what’s the harm of bringing these yummy places here? I love the fact that Heber is a small town and very peaceful but variety is needed. I’m just saying…Oh and not to mention they need a Sprint Cell tower here! I have close to no reception at all. It’s driving me bananas! I pay my taxes and obey the law why can’t I have at least that? Heber City Council, you should re-evaluate your town and please your residents. These words are of a pregnant woman, do not take it lightly. G’night my small town.


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